Maria Woyden

Stratton Foundation Poster Project

The Stratton Foundation provided a grant to Jefferson College of Nursing to perform 14 different pilot studies. This particular pilot study examined how nurses could be better equipped to analyze and diagnose the cause of falls in older adults. Much of the problem with diagnosing falls stems from nurses and patients not communicating accurately about the incident, which can lead to misdiagnosis and further fall incidents. Partnered with the geriatric nurse who performed this pilot study, I came up with a way to use poster design to help nurses and patients better understand and be aware of the wide range of things that could can cause a fall so that we can work together to prevent falls all together.


One of the reasons why the causes of falls are overlooked is because of the hectic lives of nurses and doctors in nursing homes and hospitals. Whether they aren't asking the right questions or the patient isn't recalling the right answers, the cause of a fall often goes overlooked or misdiagnosed, putting the patient at risk to fall again. Many people do not understand the endless reasons for a fall, whether it be medication, blood pressure, footwear, urinary problems, eyesight, hunger, the list goes on and on. The pilot study executed by my partner includes an article that was to be given to the participating nurses. This further validated our belief that this information needs to be more accessible because only one nurse volunteered in the study. Because of the fast-faced hospital/nursing home environment, we decided the best course of action for this poster was to create an infographic. It contains information similar to the article that was to be given out but in a more accessible fashion. Posted in nursing homes or hospitals, passing by staff and patience can quickly absorb information to understand how we can all work together to prevent falls from happening.