Maria Woyden

SIP TV Youtube Channel

Alcohol is a huge part of American culture but the stigma around it needs to change. Rather than trying to combat the consumption of alcohol, SIP TV is a YouTube channel designed to discuss alcohol in a healthy environment and educate people about how and when to enjoy it, rather than writing it off as an irresponsible drug.

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SIP offers categories that educates viewers about the process of making wine, how to pair alcohol with food, the history of prohibition, and much more. We also offer interactive programming for having girls or guys night in, baking with alcohol, or having fun with the science of mixing cocktails. The wide range of shows broadens the understanding of alcohol consumption as a whole for a wide range of consumers to start to shift the culture surrounding excessive drinking.

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SIP branding was inspired by the colorful aspects of alcohol itself. The primary color palette seen in the logo is drawn from wine, beer, and scotch. Secondary and tertiary colors are drawn from different kinds of brighter wines, bourbons, craft beers, and fancy liqueurs. These colors are used throughout the programming to signify what kind of alcohol the show is about. For example, Saucy sweets is a cooking show about incorporating liqueur into different kinds of desserts, so Hpnotiq Blue is used throughout the programming. Fun, bright colors representative of one's favorite drink are meant to build familiarity and loyalty with the viewer so that, whenever the blue tinted commercial appears on their TV, they know Saucy Sweets is up next.

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