Maria Woyden

Seasons Reimagined

Seasons is a fresh grill and wine bar with seasonal food and drinks. With paper menus and disorganized wine lists, their brand was not reflective of the daily live piano and cozy bar. I introduced a visual system that emphasizes their competitive advantage and elegantly communicates what's on the menu for each season.

Hero Shot


From the stationery to the menus and coasters, there is a corresponding color of wood that symbolizes the vibe for that season. The cohesive use of wood demonstrates the upscale, natural essence that Seasons stands for while doubling as educational pieces by displaying what produce is in season now. Each detail is carefully crafted to suit the restaurant’s mission of creating an inviting, yet lively, atmosphere.

Stationery System
Wine Gift Set
Logo Sketches & Woodworking


To design for the competitive advantage, I came up with a system that emphasizes freshness and sustainability, modularity, elegance, and diversity. Whether people are hosting company events or engagement parties in the banquet hall, celebrating an anniversary, or enjoying a night out at the bar, Seasons targets a wide range of audiences. Natural stains of wood intrigue people of all walks of life as they continue to visit the restaurant on any occasion. Though they may not have noticed the shift in menu items, the system swap for each season focuses the guest’s attention that something has changed. The modular system allows them to get comfortable with the fresh atmosphere while roping them in to see what is new each time they visit. The elegance of Seasons shines through the typographical treatment and paper choice, which makes the system functional down to the last drop.

Typography Close Up