Maria Woyden

Mindflex: Innovators of Mindfulness

Depression and anxiety are rapidly growing problems in our society, particularly in adolescents. Research has found that mindfulness, meditation and journaling can help decrease negative emotions, improve focus, and reduce stress. The problem is that most programs that promote these practices are aimed towards adults. Mindflex targets a younger audience and provides the resources to build healthy habits as they enter high school and college.

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Mindflex targets each segment of a high school student’s life by offering a pocket-sized journal to keep with their notebooks, an app to cater to their personal habits, and a virtual experience to intrigue them to get more involved.

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The experience that this system promotes is heavily based on the calming nature of free-flowing water. Being around, feeling, seeing, hearing, or even smelling water automatically calms our nervous system and connects us with nature. Water makes us more aware of our senses and increases self-awareness, which are major players in mindfulness. Watercolor is used throughout the branding to calm the nerves of active teens while providing the resources to reduce stress long term. HappyFlex offers journaling techniques for practicing kindness, gratitude and wellness, while the Self Flex app includes guided meditations, podcasts, and nature sounds. Most of our thoughts come from sight, so the VR experience combats thought generation from sight but immersing the user in a relaxing yoga experience.

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