Maria Woyden


Because of the superficial world we live in, there is an epidemic of confidence in our society. At Metanoia, we promote confidence from within using our unique Table of Confidence. We strive to empower emerging adults to master their mind and take control of their life using our community and resources. Our goal is to help strengthen users' mindset, get to know themselves, and guide them towards making an extraordinary life for themselves, whatever that may mean to them. With the experience of personalized journals, digital resources, and a mentoring community, we believe that integrating these principles into your life is what will inevitably lead to confidence that is long-lasting and non-superficial.


For my senior capstone, I wanted to do something close to my heart. Something I really felt passionate about; I wanted to create something that I really felt needed to become a reality. I started with the ever-growing problem of confidence in our youth. Growing up in the 90s and 2000s, I saw first-hand the effects of advertising, traditional media, and social media. I experienced the benefits and the downfalls of this new technological world. To research the problem further, I conducted interviews with people of all walks of life. Women, men, business owners, college students, an art therapist, a developmental psychologist, a personal growth coach, and published authors. Not to mention the endless hours of looking into scientific studies, books, and podcasts. Through ethnographic, human-centered research, I noted specific themes that kept coming up about how people got over their limiting beliefs to build their confidence. These are the principles that make up the Table of Confidence that this brand is built on.

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After establishing Metanoia's brand mission and specific goals, market research helped me to come up with the best combination of deliverables to build confidence from within. To build inner confidence and trust within one's self, the Metanoia journal takes them through each step of the journey, offering unique prompts and digital resources. Unlike the average journal, Metanoia's digital presence helps build a community and offer customizable resources, so that it feels like someone is with you every step of the way. One of the most unique aspects of Metanoia's app is the feature to find your own Metanoia Mentor. Like a combination of AirBnB and Tinder, users have the opportunity to search for a personal coach to help them stay aligned with their goals. Likewise, it opens doors for people in the community who want to give back to others, but don't necessarily have the platform to do so. Metanoia combines human connection, digital resources, and a personal outlet to truly encourage young minds to unlock their full potential, get past limiting insecurities, and create a life that they are happy with.