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An extension of the Bucks County Free Library, Futurity uses STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) to inspire the youth of Bucks county to follow their passions. One of the most stressful parts of a young adult's life is figuring out a career path. We target the youth of Bucks County before they hit high school and encourage them to try out many different activities to see what interests them. They can earn badges for different categories and track their progress on the Futurity app. The app works in tandem with in-person events and take-home kits to encourage learning and fun with a community and at home.

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The Bucks County Free Library was lacking engagement with their youth. While young children and older adults frequented the library, they needed to figure out a way to reach teens in middle school and high school. With this target audience in mind, we explored what problems we could systematically solve within this community. We noticed that a significant stressor for this age group was figuring out a career path. Our survey of teens in Bucks County taught us that there are many things students are interested in learning that their school does not provide. That's where the library can come in as a resource to help teens explore their interests in a safe and structured way. At Futurity, we want to set our youth up for success. And it starts with a little exploration.

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Each category of STEAM is marked by a different color. This is how the teen can keep track of the things that they're most interested in. If their app shows mostly blue and red, suggestions related to technology and math will pop-up, giving them resources to dive deeper into the things that truly interest them. Events such as the Drone event designed above are meant to curate connections with experts in the field and others with similar interests. It also allows special opportunities to explore technologies or equipment that is expensive or needs supervision. Take-home kits allow for hands-on explorations in the comfort of their own home. Futurity members can stay connected with others through the app or with our social media account. They can use our hashtag to get featured, find resources that interest them, or follow experts that inspire them. All deliverables are designed so that the user has control of their path, choosing which badges and categories to indulge in.

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