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Bryman Plumbing

Matthew Bryman has always been driven by integrity and honesty. He went to night school for 4 years to become a master plumber, all while raising his daughter and working full time. He worked for a family owned business while studying for his license, which is where he learned tricks passed down for generations. He fell in love with the honesty and integrity that came with a small family company. After getting his master plumbers license, he went to work in the corporate plumbing world, where he quickly missed the genuine connections he had with his customers. Matt now runs his own plumbing company, where he strives to bring back the feel of the family owned business he worked with before: genuine, personable, honest, and professional.


Matt built his company from the ground up, which means he needed a strong brand to represent his company's goals. He needed a strong brand, website, business cards, and branded apparel, all ready to grow with him and advertise his name. I designed his identity to reflect his goal of being personable, taking pride in his relationships with his customers. Unlike corporate plumbing companies who may try to sell the homeowner more than they need, Matt wants to do right by his customers by offering genuine expertise. Lowercase letters and a monochromatic color palette reflect the friendly feel that Matt gives off, while the modern sans serif displays just a little bit of character to bring back the professional values.

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